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Connected to database vjn_vushort on localhost 
SQL perform: SELECT option_name, option_value FROM yourls_options WHERE 1=1 (0.00059 s)
cURL error 60: The certificate issuer's certificate has expired. Check your system date and time. (POST on
SQL perform: UPDATE yourls_options SET option_value = 'O:8:"stdClass":4:{s:15:"failed_attempts";i:905;s:12:"last_attempt";i:1679315052;s:11:"last_result";O:8:"stdClass":2:{s:6:"latest";s:5:"1.8.2";s:6:"zipurl";s:56:"";}s:15:"version_checked";s:5:"1.8.1";}' WHERE option_name = 'core_version_checks' (0.12323 s)
Check for new version: yes